「HEARMAMA」vol.62 子どもにとって親の言葉は世界そのもの

I see you!

イスラエル出身の教育者ハイム・G・ジノットさんが書いた「Between parent and child」という本から、Abusive adjectives(子どもを傷つけるような形容詞)を避けることの大切さについて紹介します。

When a child is called clumsy, he may at first retort with “No, I am not clumsy”. But, more often than not, he believes his parents  and he comes to think of himself as a clumsy person. When he happens to stumble or to fall, he may say aloud to himself, “You are so clumsy!”. From then on, he may avoid situations in which agility is required because he is convinced that he is too clumsy to succeed.



Between Parent and Child
Everything is Fine (with Stacy London)

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