「HEARMAMA」 Vol.45 子どもの待つ力は練習することで鍛えられる?

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でもフランスの家庭では、子どもに待つことや忍耐を教えるのが当たり前だとか。それは練習によって習得できるものだから。子どもの待つ力を筋肉のように鍛える方法を”Bebe Day by Day”という本から紹介。

One reason why French family life often feels calm is that parents emphasize patience. They don’t treat waiting-and related skills, like coping with frustration and delaying gratification-as innate qualities that kids are born with (or without). They believe these can be learned. Frech parents aim to teach their kids patience, the same way they will later tech them how to ride a bicycle.



Bebe Day by Day
Kids And Patience: Pamela Druckerman’s Tips For Teaching Kids To Wait A Minute

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