「HEARMAMA」Vol.43 専業主婦ママの頭をかけめぐること

on a hill with a baby

ママ業はそれがどんな形でも大変だけれど、今回はSAHM(Stay At Home Momで専業主婦)のママさんの本音を取り上げてみます。


My life has been so completely and utterly engulfed by this motherhood thing that I hardly remember what it’s like to pee without an audience, let alone pursue interests and passions of my own. I have become so consumed by the task of raising tiny humans–which, if I’m being honest, actually consists of about 6 million smaller tasks–that I hardly remember who it is that I am without them.



Sometimes I really miss my life before kids
Being A SAHM Does Not Come Naturally To Me

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