「HEARMAMA」Vol.39 「ご飯をつくるのが嫌い、もうウンザリ」というママの本音

corn baby




For me, cooking is just short of torture. I hate it, and the feeble attempts I’ve made have ended poorly. 


Good mothers would have had a vision for dinner. I was a good mother three days ago, but that ship has sailed and … I’ve already made a lot of food this week. Like, so much food. Actually, if we’re counting Sunday as the first day of the week, I have already prepped, cooked, served, and cleaned-up 14 meals—18 meals.



I’m a Stay-at-Home Mom Who’s an Awful Housewife
I Cannot Make Dinner on Thursday Night and Other Tasks I’m Incapable of Completing
I’m The Mom Who Doesn’t Cook, And That’s Okay
I Hate When My Family Asks Me What I’m Making For Dinner

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